Why Chiropractic?

The nerve system is like the information super highway of your life. Messages travel at lightening-like speeds to deliver the messages to EVERY cell, tissue, and organ in your body. It allows your cuts to heal, your body to sweat to cool itself, shiver when cold to warm yourself up, and vomit when poisoned. Breathing, digesting, and growing... ALL are controlled by this system.

Chiropractors make sure your nerve system is working correctly so your body can have the greatest flow of life! With that, the body can perform at its best, leading to optimum health. Your possibilities are endless when there is no interference with life flow.

Baby Eli has arrived

Dr. Carr had her son at home on April 23rd. Her office will be closed until Monday, May 7th. Anyone who was scheduled for the 1st week in May has automatically been rescheduled to the following week (same day and time). Watch for your text reminders! Kitty will be in the office with Dr. Carr the first week back so everyone can meet him and get adjusted without making for longer wait times. Eli will be a permament fixture in this office, as it is a family practice. Patience is appreciated through this transition.


Brainstem, and Spinal Cord

The brainstem turns into the spinal cord as it leaves your head (skull), and is like Houston Control of your body.


Atlas and Axis

The upper cervical bones protect your nerve system in the area connecting your brain and body.


Whole Body

The brain and body communicate better with less interference, allowing the fullest expression of LIFE!


Upper Cervical Specific

An upper cervical adjustment is a gentle, yet specific adjustment to improve the connection between brain and body.

Inner Healer Chiropractic | Melanie Carr, DC

BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic and a man of research, decided to stop adjusting the entire spine. He determined that the only freely moveable segments of the spine were the first two bones in the neck.

Upper cervical chiropractors are dedicated to making chiropractic as specific, scientific, and efficient as we can. We believe, and science supports, that correcting upper cervical misalignments improves function throughout the entire body.

The top two bones in the spine are named atlas and axis

The top neck bone (C1) is named atlas because it holds up your world (your head). C2 is called axis because the atlas rotates around it. The upper neck bones are very mobile, which lets you nod yes or look over your shoulder while driving. They are not very stable, unlike the rest of the spine.

Upper cervical misalignment can put stress on the spinal cord, affecting above (brainstem) and below (the rest of the spine).

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Inner Healer Chiropractic | Melanie Carr, DC

The brainstem, which sits just inside the skull, is like the quarterback of the brain and body. It calls ALL the plays, controlling everything you don't have to think about. It turns into the spinal cord, which runs through the center of the spinal bones.

Even more impressive? All the things you DO think are controlled by nerves that run through this same area. Misalignment of the upper cervical spine can interfere with the messages these nerves send.