One of the pillars of health, it is important to understand how physical fitness relates to health and vitality. We consider it our mission to: Educate on how exercise can improve health Brainstorm ways to increase activity for busy lives Discuss exercise and how it relates to health goals Share free or low cost activities… [Continue Reading]


What goes into our bodies is SO important for TRUE health. The quality of what we eat, drink, and breathe determines what we use to heal and grow. We work together as a TEAM: Learning how diet directly affects health Discovering hidden dietary challenges Establishing a Starting Point Creating realistic, individualized goals Implementing long term,… [Continue Reading]

The Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children We are proud to support The Chiropractic Foundation for Children by offering FREE chiropractic care to children fighting cancer. Your nervous system controls EVERYTHING in your body. It only makes sense that one without interference will work better than one without. This is a special charity close to Dr.… [Continue Reading]

Enter the raffle to win a brand new Kindle Fire and 100% of the funds donated to the CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE!

How do I make and appointment? One of several ways – whichever you prefer: schedule your appointment online - be sure to fill out all the fields, and you will get email confirmation so you know it worked! call our office at 610-709-7586 and setup a time to see us send us a note requesting an… [Continue Reading]

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