Upper Cervical Care

Why see a Chiropractor?

Easy. ¬† The nerve system is like the information super highway of your life. ¬† Messages travel at lightening-like speeds to deliver the messages to EVERY cell, tissue, and organ in your body. ¬†It allows your cuts to heal, your body to sweat to cool itself, shiver when cold yourself up, and vomit when poisoned. ¬† Breathing, digesting, and growing… ALL are controlled by this system.

Chiropractors make sure your nerve system is working correctly so your body can have the greatest flow of life!  With that, the body can perform at its best, leading to optimum health.  Your possibilities are endless when there is no interference with life flow.

What is Upper Cervical Care?

BJ PalmerBJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic and a man of research, decided to stop adjusting the entire spine.  He determined that the only freely moveable segments of the spine were the first two bones in the neck.  These are called atlas and axis.  A small group of chiropractors followed this movement away from adjusting the entire spine and developed into upper cervical (neck) chiropractors.

Upper cervical chiropractors are dedicated to making chiropractic as specific, scientific, and efficient as we can.  We believe, and science supports, that correcting upper cervical misalignments improves function throughout the entire body.

What is so important about the Upper Cervical Spine?

Brain and brainstem

The brain and brainstem. The brainstem is like “Houston Control” of the brain and body – or the quarterback. It calls ALL the plays.

The master control center of your life is in the brainstem. ¬†Did you ever wonder how your body knows something is dangerously hot instead of pleasantly warm? ¬†How is it that the body know just how far to jerk your hand away from that hot stove without nailing yourself in the face or injuring the shoulder joint in the process? ¬† Why is it we do not have to remind our heart to beat and mentally summon the white blood cells to attack the bacteria and viruses in our bodies? ¬†And isn’t it FASCINATING that our body knows exactly the right temperature to kill off bacteria versus viruses? ¬†Indeed, quite an amazing feat. ¬†You are quite amazing, you and your brainstem!

The brainstem controls all the things you don’t have to think about. ¬†Not only that, but EVERY nerve that passes from your brain to the rest of your body goes through the brainstem. ¬†That includes the ones you do think about, like kicking a ball, picking up a pen.

Atlas and Axis

This is how the top two bones (atlas and axis) sit on top of each other. The big hole in the middle is the home of the spinal cord and brainstem.

The top two bones in your spine are called atlas and axis.  They surround the spinal cord at the base of the skull just below the brainstem, and are very different from the other bones in your spine.  Stress on the spinal cord in this area can affect the activity of the brainstem.  The others have limited movement in comparison due to the way they are designed and fit together.  Sort of like bricks!  Very stable and supportive, but not the best for movement.  The upper neck (cervical) area is freely moveable.  Thankfully, this allows you to shake your head no or nod yes, or look over your shoulder while driving.

A misalignment of this upper cervical area may impair,injured, or impede the function of the brainstem.  The brainstem controls everything, ultimately resulting in decreased nerve system function and expression of life!

Can you help me?

YES.  Come in for a consultation to see if there may be interference or irritation of your brainstem.  If so, we can help you.  If you have a condition you are suffering from, and we find signs of interference in this area, we can help you.

If you come in and we do not find evidence subluxation in this area, we are more than happy to send you to someone who can help you.  Rest assured, we are happy to refer when appropriate.

What conditions does upper cervical care treat?

We do not treat or diagnose any condition except chiropractic subluxation. ¬†Our job is to remove the interference. ¬†It is the body’s job to heal itself!

That said, here is a list of common conditions that have responded to upper cervical care:

Acid reflux
Arm Pain
Athletic performance
Attention deficit disorders
Auditory (hearing) dysfunction
Back Pain
Birth trauma
Bed wetting
Bell’s palsy
Breathing difficulties
Cardiac (heart) function
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic fatigue
Chronic pain or infections
Digestive disorders
Disc bulges and herniations
Dizziness (vertigo)
Ear infections
Eye problems/disturbancesFibromyalgia
Flu symptom
Gastrointestinal dysfunction
Hacking cough
High blood pressure
Hyperactivity (ADD, ADHD)
Immune function
Irritable bowel syndrome
Knee pain
Learning disorders
Low back pain
Meniere’s disease
Menopause symptoms
Menstrual disorders
Migraine headaches
Multiple sclerosis
Neck pain
Neurological disorders
Otitis media (ear infections)
Parkinson’s disease
Pediatric conditions
PMS problems
Pulmonary (lung) function
Restless leg syndrome
Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
Seizure disorders
Shoulder pain
Sinus infection
Skin disorders
Sore throat
Sports injuries
Tingling sensations
TMJ dysfunction
Trigeminal Neuralgia

Many people have experienced documented benefits from chiropractic care.  Check out our research page to see some of the many conditions listed.