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Melanie Carr


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Ever since she was a little girl, Melanie was always interested in health and healing. The only thing she was ever sure of back then was that she wanted to help people. The problem was that she didn't know what a chiropractor was or did until high school. While under chiropractic care she noticed her sports performance increase. That was the first time she considered becoming a chiropractor.

Working as a chiropractic assistant, Melanie saw lives changed in a way that touched her heart. It was those moments that helped her realize saving lives through chiropractic was her life's mission. She moved her two children to the most prestigious chiropractic school in the country, Life University.

Since the early in her education, Dr. Carr was fascinated with upper cervical chiropractic care. She studied Activator, advanced Thompson, Gonstead, Grostic, SOT, full spine techniques, and Kale upper cervical technique. In her last year of chiropractic school, Dr. Melanie learned about KCUCS (knee chest upper cervical specific) care. From the moment it was explained until after the first adjustment, she experienced what was missing and never turned back. Dr. Carr decided the best way she could express 100% life and functioning was through upper cervical care. To her, this technique most embodied the big idea of chiropractic... that with no interference, the body heals itself!

She graduated with her doctorate of chiropractic from Life University and decided to return to her hometown in Pennsylvania. Born and raised in Berks County, Melanie's mission is to improve the lives of as many families in Bally, Barto, Bechtelsville, Boyertown and the surrounding areas with upper cervical chiropractic care. Dr. Carr has studied and continues to further her education to serve you with the highest quality care available.

Dr. Carr Adjusting her sonDr. Carr trained in many chiropractic techniques, but Toggle Recoil and Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific are her two favorite. The last several years have been dedicated towards improving skill and success in patients utilizing these techniques, including the addition of a wall knee chest table for patients who utilize a wheelchair. She is especially pleased with the speedy progress of her pediatric patients, and how well they maintain their adjustments.

She continues education constantly, and is a member of the GSCS, Dynamic Essentials, Band of Brothers, and supports several subluxation based chiropractic research journals. She is actively involved in her church in Bally, PA and loves to sing with her family. Dr. Carr has big plans for giving back to the community, providing free opportunities for children, families, and friends to exercise, socialize, and energize in a fun and positive way.

Dr. Melanie is also a part of http://www.doctorsforwarriors.com providing free services to our military who have been injured serving our country. One of her first donations to the community will go to Boyertown Area School District to help children in financially challenged familiget participate in the gift of extra-curricular activities.

She believes that anyone should have access to chiropractic care, regardless of ability to pay. That is why Inner Healer Chiropractic offers the Box on the Wall option of payment. You simply pay what is fair and within your financial ability to pay, and get the care you need.